Citizenship application

What Canadian citizenship means

What Canadian citizenship means

Any immigrant granted Canadian citizenship is to automatically referred to as a Canadian citizen. This means whatever benefit or right the citizen of Canada has, the newly inaugurated citizen will also enjoy same. Having Canadian citizenship compared to a permanent residency means you will be able to vote and own a Canadian passport. Becoming a Canadian citizen can only be done when a person is already a permanent citizen. Once you have stayed in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days within the last five years, you can apply for citizenship.

Why get it?

There are so many benefits to enjoy with Canadian citizenship, some of which are:

Right to vote

Whether you want to vote at the federal, provincial or municipal level, Canadian citizenship offers you that. In fact, you can run for office and have the right to be voted for at different levels of government.

Dual citizenship

You do not have to forfeit being a citizen of your home country to become a Canadian citizen. You can have both if you want.

Canadian passport

With a Canadian passport, you will get a renewal easier than a permanent resident cardholder. This passport will also help you secure a visa quickly when you need one.

Automatic children's citizenship

Children born in Canada by a Canadian citizen parent become Canadian citizens automatically. Even those born outside the country would become citizens if their parents were born in Canada.

Right to do any Canadian job

Not all jobs are meant for everyone living in Canada because of the job’s sensitivity. Therefore being a citizen gives you that access to get employed and paid an equivalent amount to others.

Citizenship Application Eligibility

Any immigrant striving to become a Canadian citizen must first provide the following:

A writing and speaking proficiency in Canada’s official languages (English and French).

Show that they have become a permanent resident once the application is submitted.

Must have been living in Canada before the application for a minimum of 1,095 days which should be in the last five years.

Provide tax filing proof of the last three years.

Payment of all income tax that has been pending before processing their application.

If you go ahead to submit your citizenship application without attaching your proficiency in French and English, you will be denied to proceed to the next level by the IRCC.

Also, any applicant that has been in the Canadian Armed forces before the application can fast-track the process and become a citizen quicker than others. With a residence calculator, the candidate can determine if they are eligible to apply for Citizenship. It also helps candidates who haven’t met up to the required living period to note when they will become eligible.

Sometimes, some people already have Canadian Citizenship when a parent is a citizen, and they are not aware of it. In this case, all that is needed is apply for proof of Citizenship to bypass the Citizenship program.

If there has been a jail time, conviction, or a current service sentence, that applicant cannot be granted Canadian Citizenship.

The application process

The citizenship application process requires four significant steps.


Fill out the Canadian citizenship application form on the IRCC website.


Confirm all the necessary documents and attach them.


Use your online banking card to pay the application fee.


Go to the Centralized intake office in Sydney, Canada, to submit the completed application form.

Once you are done with these, four stages it is time to stay updated by joining a discussion forum and reading-related information on the IRCC website.

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The average time it takes for the Canadian Citizenship to be completed in about 12 months.

The different fees you need to pay include: processing, proof of Citizenship, record search, citizenship grant, right of Citizenship, and Renunciation of Citizenship.

If you are above 18 years and younger than 54 years, you are eligible to apply. Also, you must be a permanent resident to apply even if you fall between this age range.

When you go to the IRCC website, you will get all the information you need to apply.