Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

What is a super visa?

The super visa is given to parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who wishes to extend their visit to Canada beyond two years. Not all parents and grandparents are eligible for this visa, but those issued can come into Canada for about ten years before any renewal. If you are a Canadian citizen and want to secure a super visa for your parents or grandparents, keep reading to know what it entails and how to get started.

What is a super visa

Who is eligible?

If you have a child or grandchild already a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, such parent or grandparent is eligible for a Super Visa. If the parent or grandparent has dependents, they cannot be issued this visa but can go through other sponsorship means such as the family class sponsorship program.

What are the process and requirements

What are the process and requirements?

To apply for the super visa, the first step is to be invited by your child or grandchild who is already a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The invitation letter must also prove that the applicant and inviter are related. Then, the child/grandchild will proceed to sign a contract that shows they would be responsible for the upkeep of their parents. The document must also show they are financially stable to support the applicant by meeting the minimum necessary income. Also, the applicant will undergo some immigration medical examinations that prove they can be eligible for a one-year Canadian medical insurance. The applicants will also be expected to apply for a temporary resident visa before being issued a super visa.

The visa officers will also not issue any visa to the applicants until they can prove they will exit the country when their visa expires. Some of the factors the visa officers consider before giving out a super visa are listed below:

The applicant must be connected to their country of origin

The applicant must show proof of their financial and family situation

The applicant must state clearly the reason for the visit

The applicant must tell the officers about the political and economic stability of their origin country

Invitations from their child/grandchild

Super Visa and Temporary Resident Visa

The temporary resident visa (TRV) is a significant prerequisite for issuing a Super visa. However, if they are from a country exempted from providing a TRV before securing a Super visa, they do not need to follow this requirement. With the TRV and Super visa, it will be easier for the parent and grandparent to travel back to their home country and return within the stipulated time frame on the visa. They won’t need to reapply for TRV at every visit, but this will involve paying a small fee for multiple entries when applying for the Super visa.

Those exempted from getting a TRV before applying for a Super visa would be given an official letter that will serve as a TRV from the Canadian government. This letter will be used as their pass and be presented to provide them entry to the country for about two years on every visit.

Super Visa and Temporary Resident Visa